Knee Care

Knee Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy refers to a procedure during which an orthopedic surgeon will look at the joint with a small camera. This allows your doctor to more accurately diagnose and treat knee injuries by providing a clear view of the inside of the knee. This procedure has become highly effective for more accurate diagnoses and proper treatment of knee problems thanks to new and improving technologies.

Knee Ligament Repair

Ligament injuries such as ACL, PCL or MCL injuries are some of the most common knee injuries we see at West Idaho Orthopedics. It is especially common among athletes who participate in contact sports like soccer, football, and basketball. In many cases, an injury to your anterior cruciate ligament may require surgery to regain full function of your knee.

Knee Replacement

The knee is a crucial joint for many daily activities. If injury or arthritis causes consistent pain and consistently inhibits activity, knee replacement surgery from West Idaho’s surgeons may be the right choice. The surgery corrects the worn or damaged surfaces in the knee joint. Our orthopedic knee doctors will examine your knee for mobility, strength and swelling to help you decide the best course of action.

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