A minimally invasive alternative to traditional knee replacement surgery

When knee replacement reaches the point that anti-inflammatory medication and activity modification don’t provide the needed relief, knee replacement surgery may be recommended by orthopedic specialists. While traditional surgery is trusted and effective, a new option has arisen for knee replacement that allows for a smaller incision and quicker return or knee function, called Quadriceps-Sparing Total Knee Replacement.

Traditional Knee Replacement

Generally an incision over the knee is about eight inches for knee replacement surgery. The patient will generally stay in in a medical center recovering for three to five days after the surgery is performed. Complete recovery from the procedure takes anywhere from one to three months. This method of knee replacement is highly successful for a large majority of patients, resulting in significant pain reduction and increased mobility.

Quadriceps-Sparing Knee Replacement

This procedure uses the same knee replacement implants, but is able to insert them with a smaller incision. Furthermore, as the name implies, the procedure allows the quadriceps to avoid trauma. The quadriceps is the most important muscle group around the knee.

The incision for this procedure is generally 3-4 inches, and recovery time is much quicker. Patients are up walking immediately and discontinue the use of a walker or cane much more quickly. The more rapid recovery is due to the fact that the muscle and tendon surrounding the knee aren’t divided during surgery as they would be in traditional knee replacement.

Quadriceps Sparing Total Knee ReplacementThis less-invasive technique also results in less pain after the procedure. And while this technique is new, preliminary studies have shown it to be safe and effective. Furthermore, because the procedure uses the same knee implants, patients can expect the same quality outcome as traditional surgery.

Dr. Nicola of West Idaho Orthopedics is the only doctor in the Treasure Valley area offering this new knee replacement procedure. Come consult with him about whether or not this option is best for your knee problems.