The Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center is mired in controversy over serious problems like bone-contiminated drill bits, broken surgical instruments and holes in sterile wrappers. Recent findings show that there were problems in one of every six operations there during 2015. Concerns about the safety of our veterans extends to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Wolf, who now works at West Idaho Orthopedics.

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During Dr. Wolf’s residency, he worked periodically at the Cincinnati VA. He explains in the article that he personally filed 10-12 incident reports, and never heard back about any of them.

“I feel bad for the veterans,” he says in the video below. “One of the reasons why I love the VA system in general is that these guys are my heroes. These men and women have put their bodies o the line like I never have. They’ve earned this healthcare. To find out that its sub par…. is disappointing.”

Veteran care is an important way to honor those who’ve served our country. Dr. Wolf says that he never sees in Idaho the problems he witnessed in Cincinnati.